Barley Yield Contest

In the annuals of agriculture history, Idaho has long been celebrated for its bountiful harvests of potatoes, wheat, and other staple crops. Yet, amidst the verdant fields and rolling plains, one crop has remained conspicuously absent from he record books – barley. While other states have boasted impressive yield records for various grain crops, Idaho’s barley harvest have never been officially recognized on a state of national level. That is, until now.

Building on this momentum, the Idaho Barley Commission, in collaboration with industry sponsors, has launched the first-ever Barley Yield Contest in 2024 – an exciting initiative that aims to celebrate and elevate the art of barley cultivation. The 2024 contest year will serve as a pilot program for Idaho, with plans to expand to a national scale in  2025. This pioneering initiative not only adds an exciting new dimension to the agricultural landscape but also underscores Idaho’s rule as a trailblazer in the barley industry.

The barley yield contest represents an opportunity to showcase the potential of barley in Idaho. By encouraging farmers to push the boundaries of barley production, we’re not just celebrating individual achievements but driving the entire industry forward. The contest embodies innovation. I am honored to be a part of a program that not only promotes competition but also showcases the vital role barley plays in Idaho.

– Brett Wilken of Scoular in Twin Falls, ID

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