The Idaho Barley Commission is a self-governing agency of the State of Idaho that serves to enhance the profitability of the Idaho barley growers through research, market development, promotion, information and education programs.

This work is funded by Idaho barley growers through their three and a half cent per hundred weight (3.5₵/cwt) state barley assessment, and is accomplished by identifying and fully utilizing available resources and organizations to promote and further develop the barley industry in the state of Idaho.

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Idaho’s altitude, high desert climate and agronomic conditions, including abundant irrigation water, make it an ideal location to grow a consistent, reliable supply of premium-quality barley, highly sought after by the malting industry, as well as for livestock feed and food barley products.

In 2023, Idaho produced 60.48 million bushels of barley on 540,000 harvested acres at a record yield of 112 bushels per acre.

About 75 percent of Idaho’s barley acres are irrigated giving Idaho growers the ability to manage production and deliver a high-yielding crop that meets contract specs 95 percent of the time – customers can rely on getting excellent quality from year to year.

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