The Idaho Barley Commission is a self-governing agency of the state of Idaho, established in 1988 through state statute (Title 22, Chapter 40). Additional governing rules are outlined at IDAPA 53.01.01.

IBC serves to enhance the profitability of the Idaho barley growers through research, market development, promotion, and information and education programs. This is accomplished by identifying and fully utilizing available financial and staff resources, as well as working with partner organizations to promote and further develop the Idaho barley industry. IBC is funded through a $0.035/cwt assessment barley assessment collected by the first purchaser of barley.

The state of Idaho is divided into three barley regions. A barley producer from each region is appointed by the Governor to serve a three-year term (limited to two terms) on the Idaho Barley Commission. The commissioners not only represent their districts but the state of Idaho through national organizations such as, US Grains CouncilNational Barley Growers Association, and the National Barley Improvement Committee. An industry representative appointed by the grower commissioners also serves on the board, bringing to the commission experience and insight from industry.